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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lima Overview

Almost every traveler to Peru finds themselves in Lima at some point on their journey. Lima is the epicenter of Peru and there are many different points of interest based in the city of kings for travelers.

Lima tends to be a love it or hate it place. Certainly, it has lots of icky bits such as pollution, dirt, grime, crazy traffic issues and a lack of green spaces. But scratch the surface and there are many fascinating things to do, see and experience. Judging Lima by your first impression is an error, as what you see is not what you get.

If you are prepared to get out of touristy Miraflores and see the real Lima, then you will uncover some of Lima's secrets and get to know a city that pulses with energy whilst framed by some of the continent's most beautiful architecture.

Just some of the sites that tourists to Lima should find time for in their itineraries are: the UNESCO World Heritage Site listed city center, Barranco, Palacio Torre Tagle, El Parque de Amor, Museo de la Nacion, PLaza de Armas, Barrio Chino and many others.

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